Feature Films

Feature Films

Our must watch feature films surprisingly are underrated in the major motion picture world, but are very popular among the independent world. For a limited time, subscribe to our yearly motion picture content and watch all of our films for only 1 price per year. Receive updates when we add more films, documentaries, shorts, series and more.

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Feature Films
  • Poeta

    Mary who is an alluring yet seductive barista who falls in love with a street poet by the name of D'Angelo. Introduced by mutual friends, Antonio and Elizabeth, watch what happens when the desire to escape the streets is combined with D'Angelo's love for poetry.

    Written by Jeral & Elizabeth Cly...


  • A Product of Me [Film]

    Money or School? in A Product of Me watch this coming of age story about Levi and Clyde growing up in the projects of Atlanta, Georgia.